Emmanuelle Lequeux En

Since 2009 Jérôme Robbe has shown his research into the pictorial at numerous solo and group exhibitions in Berlin, Paris and Nice ever since.
Selected by art critic Frédéric Bonnet, he likewise participated in Marseille's Art-o-Rama fair in Showroom 2014 from August 29-31.

It made for a moving and changeable landscape, a floe of a thousand nuances put up under the French Riviera's searing sunlight. By invading the terrace of Nice's Musée National Marc Chagall for the « La peinture autrement » group exhibition in 2011, Jérôme Robbe made one of the most stunning gestures a painter has bestowed on the public in the past few years. Marble plaques floated on the floor, suspended over layers of liquid pigment that fluctuated from blues to pinks and were endlessly rearranged by water, light and wind.